ductless heat pumps

Four questions about ductless heat pumps

Q1: What is a ductless heat pump?

A ductless heat pump is an air source heat pump that does not require the use of ducts and works just similar to a standard heat pump or air conditioner. It utilizes outdoor energy to move heating and cooling energy into the refrigerant similar to a common household refrigerator. It does not connect to a standard indoor fan. Its indoor device is a self-contained fan and indoor coil that normally holds on a wall. The indoor system supplies conditioning for a particular area.

Ductless heat pump uses continuously changing speed compressors to continuously match the heating/cooling load, avoiding the on/off cycling of electric resistance and hvac. This eliminates uncomfortable temperature fluctuation and high-energy consumption. An indoor unit contains an oscillating fan to spread air into the space. Each indoor unit lowers and increases the temperature of its own zone and can be controlled separately.

Q2: What are their benefits?

This application has many benefits. You can get the benefits of air conditioning and cheap cost heating if you do not want ductwork in your house or business. For example, if your house has baseboard heating system, a ductless system is the most appropriate choice. There is no need to tear everything up to set up ductwork to enable airflow. You can set up a ductless device into the areas that require conditioning. Several indoor devices can be run by a single outdoor unit. Another benefit is zoning. Each indoor unit is controlled independently. Each location you are conditioning can have its own temperature level set point. A ductless heat pump is really energy efficient.

Q3: What are most of common applications for a ductless heat pump?

A ductless heat pump is the perfect solution for:
● Any home warmed with electric heat, including wall heaters.
● Newly designed buildings. A ductless heat pump will provide both, heating and cooling facilities to your house, so no need to spend extra money on the duckwork for the duckted system.need more? go to http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/heat-pump-installation-1.3321796 and you will know more than this.
● A person looking for an environmentally friendly, energy efficient heating source.
● A home needs a ductless heat pump that can heat and cool – making it one of the best buys in the market.
● Ductless technology is going to be most used technology in the future. Any new home construction should consider a ductless heat pump.

Q4: What maintenance and service do ductless air conditioners require?

ductless heat pumps

First step is to keep the indoor unit filters clean.The filters are fitted in front of the coil in the unit, right behind the frame . Some ductless units include small black filters which need to be cleaned regularly and need to be exposed to sunlight in order to maintain their proper functioning. The average working period of charcoal filters are 24 months.go to their official website to learn more details.

The outdoor units need proper cleaning on regular basis, especially the coil which can trap many extra stuff to enter the unit. It is very simple to clean it up. All you need is just a soft brush and then, brush the unit gently to remove all the extra dirt or other particles from it.

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