Air Conditioning Repair

Three Awesome Tips About Air Conditioning Repair

Don’t Ignore Air conditioning Problems:

Usually middle of the hot summer is the terrible time to face the genuine problems regarding air conditioning system. Its leads to a frustrated mindset coupled with a huge amount to be spent on the repair of mini-splits. The main reason behind this situation is that most of the homeowners are not connected with any of the HVAC contractor who can guide them properly and timely according to the condition of their mini-split air conditioner.

Maintenance and Repair tips:

Air conditioning repair can be very costly when you have to call in a technician. Of course there are conditions and errors when a costly repair is unavoidable, but troubleshoot of system should be done first, before calling in a professional. Many times the problem is something which can easily be fixed. There are few easy and quick checks which one can perform himself before calling for help from an air conditioning repair company.

1- Check your Breaker and Examine your thermostat:

First thing that can happen to the mini-split air conditioning system is the breaker failure. If there are many devices on the similar breaker often it will trip and the air conditioner will stop working. This is a quick attempt you can make to know the reason behind the malfunctioning of your air conditioner. And the second part is the system that can cause dollars and distress. If the mini-split ac is battery operated it may just batteries to be replaced. But there should be a thermostat set for a temperature below the room temperature. Make sure that settings for your unit are not changed i.e it is not just on fan blow or the unit is not turned off.

2: Cleaning of Filter and ducts:

Further, hvac repair and maintenance tips include monitoring the system’s performance throughout the summer. One should always start the season with a clean air filter. Check every month for dirt buildup, and replace a dirty filter right away. A dirty filter can reduce airflow. This reduces the performance of your unit and stresses it. Take note of unusual sounds coming from the condenser unit. Pay attention to inconsistent airflow.

3: Check When Air Conditioner Makes Noise:

Most of the air conditioners have direct-drive motors, some older units may be belt-driven. Louder sounds from a belt-drive air conditioner shows that the motor is coinciding with the blower through the belt. So it should be noticed.

Air Conditioning Repair

If a direct-drive blower is squealing or making a louder noise, you should turn off the unit and call an HVAC repair technician. Reason could be the motor bearings are damaged. Many heating/cooling ducts are metal so they produce noise in your room where the unit is mounted. To stop the production of this noise, one can have a heating contractor insert flexible insulation ductwork amongst this cooling and heating system and the metallic ductwork.get related information about this at

If it gives a slower but unusual sound from metal ductwork, this might occur due to thermal expansion. Try to detect the part of the duct where the sound is coming from, and then make a small hole in the outer covering of the duct, this will reduce the sound as well as release the additional heat out of it.

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